Welcome to the Never-Ending Tea Party

An anime-styled hamster in a spinning teacup.

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An anime-styled hamster in a spinning teacup.

Hi! Welcome to the personal website of Malcolm, Earl Graytay. All the cool cats are making websites like it's 1995 again, so here I am.

I'm an author, an artist, an autist, and an apostate. I like weird kids' books, anime, video games, conlangs, dolls (especially ball-jointed dolls, Monster High, and vintage Barbie), and pretentious usernames.

What can you expect to find here?

Goooood question! I'm still figuring out what I'd want to put on a personal website as opposed to my tumblr/patreon, but there's probably going to be some writing, some conlanging, some video game essays, and maybe links to stuff I've written elsenet.